Heb je stoelen over en boekplanken te kort?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. grappig! alleen kom ik altijd stoelen te kort... groetjes van jootje.

  2. Heee,leuk idee is dat.Trouwens die stoeltjes zijn me toch leuk zeg.

  3. Shaker stijl, alleen dan 10x leuker!

  4. Hi Anna!
    I love the pictures of the furniture in your house. They are gorgeous! I love decorating with
    white. You said it was not seeing the photos on my blog of movies, is not
    Really? Sometimes they do not open any. I do not know why. I wonder how
    your country. I have a great desire to know the Netherlands. I love tulip,
    Dutch clog and windmill. Must be a gift to live in a country so beautiful.
    Kisses, Rozani



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